Is it better to take the challenge exam in Florida or take a course?


I am moving to Florida this summer ~ 2013 I am getting ready to start a CNA 12 week program in Maine which will get finished right before I leave. But I have been having second thoughts after I read online that I could do the challenge exam and test out of the course by Florida requirements. I already have my Bachelor of Science Degree and am looking to take the CNA course to increase job security as well as provide experience before applying to a nursing program. I am just wondering if anyone knows the fees associated with taking the challenge test and can I take it here in Maine or should I take the course or just apply to take the challenge there?


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I know that when you have your cna certificate that it takes some paperwork to transfer your CNA stats to another state, and some states I believe you also have to take their states test, and even maybe some class time depending on the state. But I guess I am not sure what they would do if you took the class in maine, and did not yet have your certificate and took your states exam in Florida. See if Florida would reconize your classes in maine as the requiments to be able to take their states test. i'd hate for you to go through all that work in Maine and Florida saying you still have classes you have to take in Florida.

If I am totally off someone correct me

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Florida will accept any state's certification. It's a better idea to test in Maine and transfer your certification to Florida. If you don't know exactly what to do for the Florida skills test it can be pretty difficult and there are a lot of complaints about people failing with one nurse and passing with another. The skills test is subjective and it's not a perfect science. If you haven't taken a class in Florida, you won't know exactly what is on the Florida skills test. I took my course in Tennessee and moved right to Florida before I could test in Tennessee. I failed the test in Florida because I didn't know how exactly they wanted the skills done. If you took a class in Maine, take the test in Maine.


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SuperMeghan i totally agree with you on your comment that the skills test is subjective. I just took my CNA test last night, and of course was nervous and with my first skill I did a big and might I add stupid blunder that she even had to stop me on. I thought for sure right there and then I was not going to pass. But I forged ahead and did really well on my other skills. And when I got my paper back I was surprised that i actually passed. Maybe when i got my head together and did well the rest of the time she liked the other things i did well that she passed me. There might have been another tester that could have easily failed me because that was something they were not willing to except as a mistake, and I would have thought they would have been in the right to do so. I don't know but what I do know is I passed by the Grace of God and even maybe got lucky.


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Id be curious to know if anyone here has successfully been hired and worked as a CNA in a LTC facility without ever having taken a CNA course. Its almost exclusively a skills based job so youd have a tough learning curve without lots of practice and some clinical experience, regardless of whether you passed a state test on some mannequins. Before people had to be certified I guess most people just learned everything on the job, but not any more.

Having a bachelors in Science might help in Nursing school, but I dont think its going to matter much whether you understand acid base balace or cellular respiration when your doing CNA work. Its compring apples and oranges.


I just realized I missed the part where the OP stated they were taking the CNA course in Maine. I thought they were just skipping the course and testing out in Florida.