Is anyone having the same NY BON dilemma?


So I sent my RN licensure application 3 weeks ago to NY's Office of the Profession and every time I call they say they have not yet received the Form 2 from my university (which of course I called and whom said it was mailed out 2 weeks ago) and that they're backed up 10 days with mail. Is there anyone else that has applied to NY recently that has this same problem; or anyone else who applied and received their eligibility letter with no headaches. If so, how long was it before getting a response? I just want to get this over with! Any info/experiences will be greatly appreciated. :)

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My school was the problems so it took like 3 months for NY to send me the ATT, my school sent it the first time I think it was lost, and the second time I asked the school to send the certificate, so NY finally got the form and immediately they sent me the ATT via email :) good luck!!


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My friend took her boards jan 23rd and our school sent her form out the last week of December. And wen she called they gave her the ATT over the phone and se immediately registered for the test. My school just sent form 2 feb 21st, I'm planning to call them this Friday and see if they received it. Lemme know when u get urs.


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@BoriBSN-RN, Thanks for your well wishes!! Good luck in your career as well. :)

@Bella2917, I'll definitively let you know. Let me now what they tell you tomorrow when you call. *keeping fingers crossed*


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Hey just wondering if u passed?.