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Please help. I recently had an interview at jackson hospital for a nursing position. The hiring manager picked me and "considered me for the position based on the outcome of my background and drug test" I asked for a salary and she referred me to the recruite. I asked the recruiter and she gave me this vague range and referred me to the hiring manager. I would like to know what they plan to offer me, because I am getting alot of job offers. I really want the job at jackson because it is a great place to work, I filled out all of thier paperwork and I really do not want to make any moves. What should I do ? How long is the hiring process. I do not want to give up opportunities for a job they cannot even quote me a salary for. I heard rumors the whole background and reference check thing can take up to a month. What should I do ?

At this point you can't even be sure that they plan to offer you anything.

Unless you can afford to wait for something that might not pan out take another offer.


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I would really make sure you have a definite job offer (in writing) before turning anything else down, especially if you are a new RN. I just graduated from the MDC Jackson Scholars program and HR is struggling to find all 30 current graduates RN positions in time to start their August Versant residency program. Jackson paid for all our schooling so it's really in their best interest to place us in any position they can so that we can fulfill our contract with them & don't just get a "free" education! Jobs are few & far between.....I know that there are many vacant position but only a few floors have gotten the ok to hire due to cutbacks. Good luck and I hope you end up with the position you want!


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Thanks for the response . I feel tempted to call the recruiter and ask more questions but I do not want to seem desperate, or like a stalker :(


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This is crazy. I hope that they offer you something. It's a great place to work and it would be a shame not to get placed after you went through all that you have already.


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Why oh why are facilities so vague about money? This recruiter is responsible for managing the relationship with the facility and having information about positions including pay.

As the others have sure you actually have a bird in the hand.

All of that being said I think that JMH is a fab facility with equally fab nurses. I would probably take a bit of a pay cut to work there.


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Okay, I built up the guts and called the recruiter. She stated, I have the job. And she stated that once my background and everything comes back , I can then go in for the physical then orientation. So thats a good thing. They are still vague about the salary. I heard they have pretty good benefits and if you have no dependants medical and dental are 100 percent covered.

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