Is active FL license necessary to begin work?

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I'm seeing "Florida License" in bold letters in alot of the classified job listings. Does that mean the facilities want you to have your endorsement complete and Florida license in hand before you apply?


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:) Yes if they state that in the ad then yes that is what they want.


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I went through this a couple of months ago. I was hired and started orientation before I had my Florida license but was not allowed on the floor until I had my temporary permit in my hand. If you fill out the application, pay your licensure fees and provide a copy of your current license, Florida will issue you a temporary license until your permanent one (complete with background check) comes through. When I applied, they said it would take 30 days for me to get my temporary permit. I was lucky, I had mine in 9 business days. You can fill out the application on the Florida Dept of Health website.

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When I moved here 13 years ago, I had to have the temporary permit and was allowed to work. I didn't actually have to have the actual license in hand. The state realizes they are horribly slow in issuing licenses. They really just want your money, so they take your money and issue the temp and you can work.

But you have to have the process set in motion. You just can't come down here and work and then apply. Plan way ahead. At least that's how it used to be.


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When I started placing app's at facilities, I came to a screeching halt b/c I didn't have my temp lic in hand. A woman from Adventists' over in the Altamonte Springs/Longwood area said even though I had applied and Florida State cashed my check, I would absolutely need the temp lic before anyone would even want to spend time interviewing me...

Of course, now that I"m back in CT with a deposit on a house here, I am finally getting phone calls, and my temp lic came in the mail. :rolleyes:

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