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Irrational Director at ALF facility

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Hi all, I need some help. I have been a home health nurse for two years now, I visit a facility where I have from two to five patients daily. I have become close with my patients as well as with the staff that work there. Recently I was speaking with the marketing director when the facility director saw us talking, she said hello to us and acted as if nothing was wrong. Today I heard from the marketing director that not only she is not allowed to speak to me again but that the director wants to talk to me to forbid me from talking the this marketing person again. She says that I am only there for nursing and I have no business approaching her. My question is this; does she have the authority from forbidding me from talking to certain people?. I plan on telling her that as a nurse I am my patient's advocate and that if an issue arises with one of my patients that has to do with rooming I will have no choice but to approach the marketing director as this is her job/department.

I would not jump to any conclusions untill you talk with the director in person though. Maybe there is a logical reason behind it that you don't know about and she just wants to talk to you about it.

There can be different prodicals sometimes in place for individuel facilities and how they want things ran. Perhaps if you have an issue you need to see the facility director first and she relays any info to anyone else that needs to know such as the marketing director. Maybe with you not actually being an employee of the facility has certain issues that you can't just talk with anyone there about what is going on in the facility.

Just go there with an open mind and try not to be on the defensive right away until you hear her out

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It could be some strange conflict of interest issue.

The director can direct people how the would like.

Be mindful of how close you are to both patients and staff. If a patient is complaining about their room assignment, their ammenities, whatever, encourage THEM to discuss their needs with the proper people. Sometimes oversharing with other disciplines should best be done by the patient whenever possible.

I'd guess it could be perceived as one of you unethically/illegally soliciting business from the other. Director is trying to avoid an ethical violation.