Irish trained psychiatric nurse to usa

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Hi was just looking for some information. I am a general trained nurse and my husband has his RN BSC in psychiatric nursing (4 years degree). I am a us citizen and we were looking for information if he would be allowed to work in the US? What he would have to do to work in PA? Or any knowledge of Irish psychiatric nurses in America?


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Interested to follow your journey. I am an adult-trained (general) nurse. Trained in England. I also am a US citizen. I am trying to get my Pennsylvania license and relocate back home. I will post any info I come across for your husband. As far as I know, he may need to do a course to top up any deficiencies in the different areas ie. paeds, adult, midwifery. I've been told the best way to find out is to apply to the board.  Do you have your PA RN license by chance? Thank you and all the best!


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Hi, thanks so much for your response! I trained in Ireland as well so would gave to go do the NCLEX, so no I don't have a PA license either. I just don't know where to go to for information, I tried emailing UPMC for some information but still waiting to hear. What board should we apply to? Best of luck to you as well, hopefully we get some information!