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Hi All,

I am a 4th (final) year psychiatric nurse in an Irish University. I am looking for help regarding working in the USA. I heard that you have to be trained in both general and psychiatric nursing in order to work in the USA as a nurse. Our degree programmes in Ireland are devided into general, psych, ID and midwifery so students can only graduate in one of them.

My question is, is this true? or will a degree in psychiatric nursing suffice for employment in the USA?

Also, i have heard about an exam that international nurses must sit in order to enter the USA.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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US RN's are educated as generalist. Must have education in Medical Surgical, Maternity, Psychiatric and Pediatric care in order to obtain licensure in all states.

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It isn't just International nurses that have to pass exam. NCLEX is required by everyone if wanting to work in the US as a nurse. Also read up on retrogression as current status is 6 plus years wait for a immigrant visa as nurses come under EB3 and current processing time is June 2006

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