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Hi Looking for any help /advise. I am a mature student in Ireland starting on 2nd year of Bsc Nursing Degree: Mental Health. Love my course and want to move aboard when completed. I know that some countries in usa dont accept my degree but any advise would be great about moving aboard. Living in Ireland no prospect here for me after degree or for my kids when they get to that age of job hunting. Want to go aboard any advise on where best to live or work with my degree.x Thanks


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The entire US trains and licenses RNs as generalists. There is no such thing as separate education and licensure as a mental health nurse. In order to be eligible for licensure in any US state, you would need to have formal classroom and clinical education in adult medical-surgical, pediatric, and OB nursing in addition to your mental health preparation. I believe that some provinces in Canada have specialized mental health nursing licensure.

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Approx 5 provinces will accept RMN otherwise like the US you are required to be general trained. Australia going through changes so not sure what they will accept these days. Suggest checking out the World section