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by Ashnikolk Ashnikolk (New) New Nurse

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had experience with IPRP and non compliance with the RMA?! When do they considered you for discharge from the program? I tested positive for tramadol which I admitted taking... then I has a dilute urine which I don’t know how cause I was on vacation with my parents and don’t drink water! N now I’ve tested positive for alcohol!! I believe I had one glass of wine prior to the test and yes I know I’m not suppose to drink but I did... so I went for a peth test today!! I’m scared it’s gonna show that one glass I drank! Anyone have any experience?!

sorry I’m not familiar with that program but I know this board gets slow sometimes

Looks like a peth test can show alcohol for 3-12 days after 1 drink.

do you have a case manager you can call? A contract you signed? Here in Minnesota they wouldn’t dismiss you but probably extend your monitoring.

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I am in TX and I think that would warrant a new eval and an extension of the contract.  It could possibly mean it would go from "confidential/alternative" program to board ordered. 

Sorry this is happening to you, and you already know that if you choose to stay with nursing, that means no more drinking, no matter what and do not take anything not approved by your CM, at least for the duration of the program.  

You can do this!  Take a deep breath and move forward, whatever your decision.  We are here for you.  Hang in there!