IPN new blood testing changes

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So IPN is increasing their PETH requirements to random for alcohol users instead of clarifying a positive. Last time I paid $158 for this test a year and a half ago. I got a blood test selected 8/24 and I was charged $109 at Drugscan labs (price was $99 at labcorp). It's now a week later and the results say "no-result". What is this lab? Why is it cheaper if it's a Peth? And why hasn't my result been recieved or processed yet?

If I understand correctly, IPN negotiated the costs lower because they have some pull. There are so many of us who go to Labcorp, we are bound to help their revenue. Participants sometimes have trouble simply affording the costs of UDS, it would be even more difficult trying to come up with $150+.

I forgot to mention most pEths take 10 days

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Negotiated lower? Forgive the early morning snark but doubly forgive me for not being grateful for having to pay for yet another irrelevant test that means nothing and serves only to empty my bank account further (which already echos most of the time anyway):bored:

They are certain they have done a good deed for us. They should issue food vouchers for the poor people who do without.

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