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There is a lot of information that I could share but basically I have completed an evaluation from the addiction/psych doctor (which the Board of Nursing/ Department of Health) choose and sadly my words were flipped and it was suggested I due outpatient therapy. The board wants me to enroll in IPN and then be re-evaluated to have my license suspension released. IPN stated that I would need to come off one of my medications which was a benzo, so I choose to go inpatient for a week to come off the benzo and I am now starting the outpatient PHP soon that is 3 weeks long, 5 days a week. This all must be complete before IPN will allow me to sign their contact and "enroll" into IPN. Anyway, upon completion of the outpatient PHP, I have to do another evaluation here in Jacksonville with an IPN addiction/ psychiatrist. Does anyone suggest an IPN approved addiction/ psych doctor? I will be paying out of pocket for this evaluation, but luckily the outpatient PHP is covered by my insurance but isn't an IPN approved program. So the cheaper option (8,000 cheaper) is to do the program covered by insurance but then do an evaluation with an IPN approved elevator. Also, any advice for the IPN program?

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in terms of what medications you are prescribed, IPN cannot tell you what or what not to take. That directive would have come from the evaluator. IPN does strongly!! discourage any use of any kind of "mood or mid altering substance" and pushes toward nonaddictive methods of handling anxiety, etc. That in and of itself is not a bad thing. IPNs place is determine if you are safe to practice, not hand out medical directives.

So far as "your words being flipped?" That sadly is a very common occurrence. The lion's share of these "evaluators" also have a financial interest in treatment programs, and will recommend whatever treatment that their facility conveniently offers. Some are sleazier than others. Some, if not for the ability to funnel IPN/PRN clients into their programs, would not be in business, yes this all is very much a business. Very few of the "approved" evaluators or programs take any kind of insurance. you will find out that much of all of this is $$$$ driven. The BON or IPN really doesn't care what your issue might be or what you may be going through. Most contracts appear to be boilerplate. I have seen where people mess up repeatedly and yet so long as the money keeps rolling in, they still have a license.

You are not limited to going to whoever they put on that letter. There seem to be a few that they commonly use and they have treatment programs connected with them. My suggestion, and i wish i had known this, is that you call around (usually larger psychiatry groups are a good start) and ask if they do IPN evaluations. If they know what it is, they are generally "approved." If you see someone without connections to a facility, I think that you would get a more objective evaluation. You will probably still have to pay out of pocket though.

There is a lot of fear generated throughout this process and a lot of non information. They just plain don't tell you and it's things that you would not think to ask. They are not there to help you. As you get further into this, make a file and keep every little scrap of paper and notes of every phone call or contact with these people. Get copies of whatever reports are sent, if you can. The best thing I can say is to defend yourself. Do what you need to do, play their game and if addiction is your issue, work your program for YOU! Do not allow them to run your life.

i believe that this is an unfair (and in some cases, damaging) system. It is wrought with conflicts of interest and rules that are subject to change at whim. Change is coming but it is not a quick fix. For a little reading, look up a case in Michigan regarding HPRP. For general support and a place to come and talk with people that understand, well, you are already here. At least in this sub-forum (nurses/recovery) nobody will judge you because we have all been where you are now. i will be happy to try and answer any questions you might have and others will too.


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I have also been through the medication debate with IPN… When I was first being evaluated, they try to tell me that I would not be allowed to be on my daily methadone. I take it for opioid dependence. And I have been tapering down and trying to transition to come off of it, but not because of IPN. I was doing it before IPn. I will tell you that you may be able to stay on your medication, however you will have to do an additional a valuation and some cognitive testing to make sure that your medication does not impair you. What it all boils down to for me was that I had to do two extra valuations and you know how costly they are. If there is anything I can help you with, regarding IPN, please let me know . It sure is not easy, especially in the beginning… But it is obtainable and do-able. Good luck í ½í¸ƒ