ipad, tablet, mobile media console for patient use


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Does anyone work at a hospital where they supply patients with ipads, tablets, or some form of mobile media console? These would obviously be on wheels, where they do not walk away. If so, are their recommendations and likes/dislikes?

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Wow, are there hospitals that actually do this? I can think of better uses for that kind of money. This smacks of putting satisfaction surveys above actual patient care.


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Yes, I've worked at one. Actually it was one of my favorite hospitals to work at. They had wireless keyboards with all sorts of information on the patient home page. It was actually neat. This hospital had good staffing ratios so I was able to really spend time with my patients. One patient showed me all the stuff it could do. As far as I know none of the keyboards walked. But not that it mattered it was in a ritzy area though.

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