Starting a home care/ home health agency

  1. I am an LPN and would like to start a home care/ home health agency and PRN staffing. Any ideas on where to start?
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  3. by   P_RN
    An acquaintance of ours started an assisted living/adult daycare in our little town. When Mama was getting where she needed 24/7 care we asked about her place. She said it took her 3 years to accumulate the funding, building, licenses etc. They went through a company that will do the legwork for you. The initial investment was nearly $150.000.00 That is for a house with I think 9 people. Monthly rent is $1500 and not reimbursable but covers everything from bed and board, to doctor transportation (medicaid or medicare required). Now she and her Mother and daughter run 3 such homes. Eash patient/client has their own room and they have a commons room/living room for meals and activities.

    Here's a government site that has some rules and procedures......

    My mother is is a full care alzheimer's unit at a very nice LTC. She's always clean, seems happy. they have bingo on Thurs, Church on Sun and Mass on Tuesday. Sure I'd rather have her stay with family, but her mood swings and physical violence were more than I could handle. It actually put me in the hospital once with a broken tooth and jaw. Now she's tender as a kitten, and NOT sedated. She gets a low dose ASA, a low dose synthroid and a calcium pill.

    We pay nothing. Her Medicare check less $30/mo for beauty shop weekly, and nursing home medicaid are all she pays. M&M do not pay for assisted living places or that's where she would be 2 blocks from home instead of an hour away.
  4. by   Sofia2009
    Good day,
    I am starting an agency now. Can you share your experience with me?
    Would you recommend to start it at all?