New Grad Hiring??

  1. I am set to graduate in Nov 2009, and will start my job searching around August. I was wondering if anyone could share if their facilities are still hiring new grads or have put a hiring freeze on? I am in the Quad Cities area, and would be willing to travel to Iowa City. My classmates and I are getting very concerned about finding jobs in this economy and our local hospitals are laying people off (not horribly yet, but I worry it will get worse).
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  3. by   Chich
    Have you asked or noticed if they are laying off more people who have their ADN? Because I heard our local hospitals here in the QC are trying to hire more RN's with their BSN.
  4. by   stevelord
    The BSN is last year's diploma. They are really pushing for them.
  5. by   Schuur451
    Check in Sioux City, St. Luke's. It's a long ways away, but if you really want a job it is decent place to start. Our ER has >50% market share, and our cardiac business is growing. Cheap cost of living as well.
  6. by   RNMom2010
    Schurr, this is an old thread I posted. I actually had no problem finding employment. I had 2 interviews and was hired on last one. Have been working as a RN for 10 1/2 months now in home health. I decided hospital work was not for me, especially with being a mom with a 1 year old, so I ventured outside the box and had great success! I love my job!
  7. by   Schuur451
    Shoot, I should really pay closer attention to the dates of the post. Good luck!
  8. by   hopefulstudent37
    I am currently in my last semester of nursing school in Tucson, AZ. I am looking to relocate to Bettendorf, IA after I graduate. Do you have any advice on obtaining a job for a new grad before I graduate. I am also wondering how the interstate compact would work? Can I apply for my license in IA, before I actually reside there?

    Thank you so much for any advice,
  9. by   Moogie
    Donna, here's a link to the Iowa Board of Nursing. There are links on the home page that should help answer your questions.