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  1. Hi there! I am an Iowan stuck in the south,wanting to return to iowa.Does anyone have the scoop on what it's like to work at U of Ia hospitals?
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  3. by   francine79
    I don't know much but my Med/Surg instructor worked there and said that there are experiences there that you will not get any where else in this state. (not that that is really saying much, It's Iowa)
  4. by   LolaRN
    Why do you want to return? Just curious.
  5. by   jdlomheim
    Quote from is this heaven
    Hi there! I am an Iowan stuck in the south,wanting to return to iowa.Does anyone have the scoop on what it's like to work at U of Ia hospitals?
    I have heard some pretty scary things about U of I, recently. Low pay, high turnover, etc. However, one of my favorite instructors worked there for a couple of years (probably 20 years ago), and she says it is a wonderful place to work for young people. Lots of new grads in every area work there.
  6. by   acfoulk
    I used to work at UIHC. I am sure there are good experiences there. I did not have one. I had to deal with nurses who liked to run new nurses through the trenches and tried to toughen you up by setting you up for failure. This was in the pediatrics department, though. I have friends who have worked in the ICUs there and have had really good experiences.
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    Quote from tjjs
    Why do you want to return? Just curious.
    Hi...After having lived in a crowded area of NC for three years,I just really want to go back.We have family and friends there,also.I just went back and interviewed at the U of I,and other area hospitals,but decided to accept an offer at Mercy in Cedar Rapids.
  8. by   telenurse04
    I did my practicum as an RN-BSN student at the UIHC's clinical research center. Actually, the center rents out the place at UIHC. Anyway, the manager and administrator were very appproachable. The manager was great!!

    I job shadowed with an oncologist once. He was very welcoming and helped me learn a lot.

    UIHC just earned Magnet status! They are the 100th hospital in the nation that has earned this status. From looking at some literature, it states that those with Magnet status reflect some of the characteristics of what shared governance used to be.

    I work at Mercy in Iowa City; and, if I were staying in town, I would probably look into working at UIHC. I am ready to branch out with my career. Besides, I bet they pay more. They are unionized.

    As far as nursing shortage, I have no experience to compare it to.

    Good luck.
  9. by   Paednoch
    I have worked for the university of IOwa for about 11 years now. I have read in other posts that the pay here is low. I beg to differ. I drive 75 miles to work at the university for the pay. I live about 50 miles from Des Moines and cannot find anyone within $12,000/yr in salary. That coupled with 5 weeks paid a year and 11 holidays and TIAA cref retirement they put in 2 bucks for every 1 of mine into 401K type account. Sounds like an adverstisement but I Know some nurses that are pulling OVER 80K here. Yes overtime but we are unionized and it is NOT mandatory so their pay was self inflicted. If you don't believe me go to the DM register state salaries page and look up some salaries in the 80K range. You will see that several of them were Staff Nurses at UI.