Moving to Iowa

  1. I am planning to move in Des Moines Iowa. Any one with info about nursing jobs there
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    I live in Iowa City, but I just wanted to say welcome to Iowa!
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    Welcome! I live in the northwest corner 4 1/2 hours from Des Moines so I don't have alot of knowledge but I'd start with checking the classifieds in the Register-here's a link:
    Good Luck!
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    Most of the nursing jobs in Des Moines are covered by the three major hospital systems in the area. Iowa Health Systems ( made of two hospitals Iowa Methodist and Lutheran hospitals), Mercy Hospital, and Broadlawns hospital. Most of the clinics and outpatient surgeries are branches of those hospitals. Broadlawns is the county hospital and pays the least of the three. The other two are pretty comparable. They all have websites with jobs and applications posted there. I was interviewed both by Methodist and Mercy after applying online. One warning tho, sometimes they aren't very quick and Methodist is slower than Mercy.

    Web sites. (Iowa health systems) (Broadlawns) (Mercy)

    Ames, Iowa is about 30 miles north and has a hospital there that has wages comparable to Des Moines.

    I worked for Iowa Health systems on the oncology floor and I now work for MGMC in ames doing home hospice. What are you interested in? If I can help just ask.

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    I looked at your past posts and see you are taking your LPN boards. You will find that most of the hospitals won't hire LPNs. I know Broadlawns sometimes does and the clinics do. There are a lot of nursing homes in Des Moines that are always looking for LPN's.

    DMACC based in Ankeny has an excellent LPN to RN bridge program. They have a parttime night program too. Just incase you are interested.