Kaplan Online RN Program

  1. Does anyone have ANY info on this program yet? I called Kaplan but they are giving out very limited info!!
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  3. by   sejong
    One of my coworkers asked about it. In short, Kaplan has not identified any clinical sites or much of anything else. They will start in Apirl 2007 and yearly afterwards. Hamilton College is planning on their RN program to kick off 2008/2009.
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  5. by   sejong
    Kaplan will know in April if the IBON has approved their program.
  6. by   gofigure
    I don't know anything about online classes. I just received my pass notification for the NCLEX-PN; however, I want to persue my career further. Does anyone have any information about online classes at all?
    What about clinicals and labs for the online RN classes? How does that work? I have heard that online classes are no good and are just money rackets. I don't know.:innerconf
  7. by   midcom
    A couple of my instructors were just talking about this yesterday. They said the online program is a go, starting very soon. We asked how clinicals would work & they indicated that there are two places that you'll be able to do clinicals, one in Davenport & the other out of state, maybe Nebraska, but I'm not certain. You'd have to be able to travel or maybe they coud be scheduled to be done all in a short time.

    Does anyone know when the IBON willl give accreditation for the LPN program? I know it takes quite awhile after the first class graduates & passes their NCLEX. Last I heard they had passed all other requirements.