Iowa LPN wages?

  1. Curious to know the average LPN wages/salary in Iowa and usual work settings due to seriously considering relocating there. I was reading a thread about RN wages in Iowa; I think it was Island40 who posted the RN range was $18-24/hr. Since that's the range for LPNs in my state on the west coast, I assume it's significantly lower for LPNs in Iowa. However, I read that the State employs LPNs at $33,000 to $49,000/year. Any LPNs working at Cherokee Mental Health Institute? Thanks for any and all information!
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  3. by   purple_rose_3
    I don't know the pay range in the specific area you are talking about, but please look at cost of living when you do figure out the salary. I would have to say that it's really cheap to live in Iowa compared to most places!
  4. by   Ayrman
    It's going to vary fairly widely. I worked in LTC as an LPN 4 years ago now and was started at $12.50 with annual increases of about 4% before I got my RN. At the same time there was a LTC facility in Des Moines openly offering $18/hr starting for LPN's.

    My $300/month mobile home (rent, lot, garbage and water) would have been at least 450 or 500 in DSM, and west coast prices I cannot imagine. I'm in western AZ now and a low rent for anything with 4 walls and a roof starts at $600/month.

    Cherokee is a decent town if your idea of hicksville isn't anyplace under 50,000 population. Cost of living is going to be a LOT less than anything west coast, and Iowa, while not exactly a low tax state, is worlds better than California. Figure an average of 2-1/2% less in sales tax even when factoring in local option sales tax. State income tax is also lower, and gasoline will save you AT LEAST 50 cents a gallon. Grocery prices are likewise lower, new cars don't require as much in the way of cost-adding specialty anti-pollution devices and you don't require a barbarian hoard-repelling wall enclosing your yard front and back to keep the neighbors from stealing the sod, much less anything else that isn't tied down.

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  5. by   Midwest4me
    Thanks so much for your replies; the info is helpful.

    My base pay is close to $4100/month(includes the night-time shift differential) which isn't too shabby for an LPN here in a western state(no, it's not CA).

    Our housing prices are up there but NOT out of control (like what I've heard of in CA). Still, our housing IS higher than that in the midwestern small towns. The wages/salary are lower in the midwest but I think it will all balance out, especially if I can find a quiet farm in the middle of nowhere like I dream of!