Interviews- University of Iowa Residency

  1. Hello! I have a couple interviews at the University of Iowa this coming week. My question is what are areas near the hospital that are good to live with a family? If I am offered one of the two spots then we most likely will be moving. Looking for good schools/safe/pretty areas Would be willing to commute up to 35-40 minutes...
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  3. by   scarykarrey
    How did your interviews go? Are you still moving to the area?
  4. by   daisygirl5

    Interviews went well but wasn't offered either job. On to other opportunities!
  5. by   daisygirl5
    I had a couple more interviews and should hear back In the next week or 2!

    This would be for the Feb residency start.
  6. by   scarykarrey
    Woo, good luck! What units did you interview with?
  7. by   daisygirl5
    Do you work there?

    I interviewed for an Ortho/urology unit as well as a gen med floor!
  8. by   scarykarrey
    I work for an academic unit at the University, but I did a few of my clinical rotations in nursing school at UIHC, including on the ortho/urology/ophthalmology unit! I'm not sure I would want to work on the floor (too many ortho rotations in nursing school!), but I've heard from friends that they learn a ton on the unit!
  9. by   daisygirl5
    Hows the environment/culture? Seems like a great place to work!
  10. by   scarykarrey
    The weekend overnight nurses are awesome! Very helpful, very excellent about teamwork. Good luck!
  11. by   daisygirl5
    Thanks! Hopefully I will know next week!
  12. by   magallanes
    Is this program fairly competitive, or is it dependent on what position you're applying for? What is the reputation among nurses of Univ. of Iowa Hospital? I have an interview there in a couple weeks....
  13. by   daisygirl5
    I had a nurse manager tell me that they have applicants fly in from all over for this residency. If you see the rankings, the University of Iowa Hospital has numerous specialties that are highly ranked.

    Not sure about your other questions though.

    Good luck on the interview!
  14. by   scarykarrey
    Did you end up getting the job, daisygirl5?