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I am curious what the "real" starting pay for a graduate RN is here in Iowa? My college quotes a starting salary of $35,000 for an ADN. Are the majority of the positions 32 hrs a week or... Read More

  1. by   RNMom2010
    I hope to find a company in which I CAN provide loyalty!! Hence my reason to try and get into University Hosp. so even if I dislike a particular unit, I can transfer into something which I enjoy (or have more of a passion for).

    I always thought 2-3 years at a job was a huge accomplishment!! I have been at my current CNA job for 2.5 years and it feels like forever haha! I tend to get bored easily and thrive on ever changing environments.
  2. by   island40
    Starting pay accross Iowa is $18-$24 regardless of experience.
  3. by   vballz
    Quote from Angelbethany
    I work at the U in Iowa City, they start new grads ADN around 45,000 (22/hr)
    Are you able to negotiate pay? When I looked at their website, all of the payscales were posted as to pay grade (am I correct)?

    I am a nursing student at Kirkwood and currently work as an N.A at UIHC.
    (by the way, I started as an N.A. at $11.05/hr.)