BSN: U of Iowa or St Louis U

  1. I'm a H.S. senior and have been admitted to nursing school at Univ. of Iowa (early admission -- the program starts sophomore year), and St. Louis Univ. I'd love to hear from experienced nurses, teachers, students if they have any insights about these schools or suggestions for what to consider in choosing. Thanks! (BTW -- I'm male and live in the Chgo area)
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  3. by   Mrs. Sparkle Pants
    All I know is SLU is expensive...really, really ridiculously expensive. I'm not sure how it would compare to out of state tuition at Iowa. Also, have you been admitted to the "nursing" program at SLU or just the college itself. Since you said you have already been admitted to the program at Iowa, I would go that route. Also, Iowa is an excellent school. Have you checked out the US News rankings for the nursing programs specifically? I'm not sure where those two fall, but that might be a place to start.
  4. by   sfchgo
    Thanks. I'm admitted to SLU's nursing school too. With scholarships, the two schools are comparable in cost. I've looked for rankings but they only do this for graduate nursing programs. Iowa is ranked 12 and SLU is ranked 54.
  5. by   ArkansasRunner
    I went to grad school in St. Louis (at WashU, not SLU). The nursing program at SLU is highly respected, but honestly I'd much rather live in Iowa City! St. Louis is a much smaller city than Chicago, but with all baggage of a big city- traffic, horrible segregation, and definitely some dangerous parts of the city. It has great parts too, don't get me wrong, but I probably won't choose to live there again.
  6. by   Mrs. Sparkle Pants
    I was also going to say i would never want to live in stl lol. Most dangerous city in the US :-) good luck with your decision! It sounds like you have a bright future no matter what you choose!
  7. by   NICU_babyRN
    I went to Iowa for nursing school and I LOVED IT. And getting into the Iowa College of Nursing is NOT easy so pat yourself on the back! (Name edited) will be AMAZING to work with, I still keep in contact with her! I got a FANTASTIC job after graduating. It is always good to look at Grad rankings as a basis for undergrad. Remember some of those grad students in the #12 ranked college will be your TAs! Feel free to send me a private message with any questions. You will truly love it there! The program is TOOOUGH but you will come out ready to pass your boards and ready for a great job! Also, keep in mind that there will only be about 75-80 students in your graduating class.
    The profs are really awesome and UI Hospitals and Clinics is TOP NOTCH!
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  8. by   sfchgo
    Thanks for the feedback about Iowa. I'm on the verge of committing. Since you offered, can I bother you with another question or two? I would have sent by private message but couldn't figure out how to do this, so I'm posting instead. I'm curious where the clinical work is done (e.g., UI Hospitals or elsewhere). I'm also planning to get a CNA this summer and wondered if there are part-time work opportunities in the Iowa City area (to help pay for school). When did you graduate?
  9. by   StangGang92
    As for clinicals I think (I go to school at Mount Mercy, but work at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City) students go to U of I as well as Mercy Iowa City. Both hire CNAs as well as St Luke's and Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids (the drive isn't bad)
  10. by   ariellu
    My daughter was admitted to U iowa nursing proram ( Fall 2015). The program has two tracks. My D is in competitive admission (it means not guarantee admission) Although this track will take 4.5 years to finish.(information from the school website) It does not matter. What I concern is what’s her chance to get into the “real” nursing program) If she fulfills minimum admission requirements. She also
    got admission letter from Dexel ,U of Rhod Island enty nursing program. Actualy she loves U iowa more . Do you have any suggestion? Thank you very much