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I am interested in a change from 7 years in pediatric er nursing to becoming a nurse esthetician. I am looking for information on the easiest transition...what I need to do, what classes to take and... Read More

  1. by   elpapi
    ok i have 3 important points. I AM FROM FLORIDA

    i am male becoming a RN and I am being a massage therpasit and a facialist for 7 years. I am very interested in this kind of field, but i apoke with a NP nurse practioner and he told me a regular RN cannot perform botox or fillers so I called Esthetics care institute in Florida and thank god they told me it is not true. It is not any law in florida that do not allow nurses to to it, and i asked her how about if they are planning to put a law here in florida, and she joke around saying i dont think they are going to prohibe a nurse to put inyection,so what are we here for! and make sense, how they can say no a nurse cannot inyect if that is our principal job lol. my next question was i am getting my lic, as a RN associates in ascience degree , so i asked her and she said not a problem if you do not have your bachelors.

    my next question was being a male how the field goes and she told me great, maybe they just want me there because they are very expensive curses, but i dont want to work in a hospital i will love to work for a plastic surgen or a dermatologistheartbeat:heartbeat and if the little invesment is worth it; i will do it.

    Now it is anyone working as a nurse in this field because everybody is very excited, but not a comment like i have been working for years putting fillers and botox? anybody?

    thank you

    i hope this field is worth it because i love it.
  2. by   fittingrn
    Hi how is it going for you in the field? I am looking in to getting my Esthetician liscense. As an RN, want to move into the anti aging field less stress as I move forward. Any suggestions? I live in Massachusetts but my be moving south in a few years.
  3. by   fittingrn
    Hi did you ever make the move, as an RN I am considering at this point in my life.
  4. by   jahra

    Are you still in Ma? If so, pm me. Before you relocate, you might want to consider getting your Aesthetician license in Ma.
  5. by   fittingrn
    Where are you and are they transferable?
  6. by   purple rose
    Hi so I am currently in nursing school and it has been stressful to say the least, but I was beginning to think that maybe nursing may not be for me and a friend suggested I look into the nurse esthetician as it would be less stressful and something i might enjoy. SO before I do anything drastic like quit school....I figured I should see if this is a real possibility to be an esthetician.

    Would I need to get my esthetician license after I get my bachelor's in nursing? and if so how many more years is that? I noticed someone asked about a master's degree, but it seems like the answer is we don't need the master's degree.

    Where can I get more info if this is the route I am considering taking? Are there really jobs out there for this field or is it hard to come by and what is the pay it esthetician rate or RN? If it's the rate an esthetician would receive wouldn't it be easier and less expensive just to go get my esthetician license and skip the RN route? I guess I'm wondering what is the advantages of being an RN esthetician rather than an esthetician What are the job descriptions... botox and....?

    If anyone has any info or can guide me to a place to get more info, I would really appreciate it!

    thanks in advance!
  7. by   shagenbuch
    This is for those of you nurses who have cerifications, where did you obtain them?