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Hey everybody! I just want to introduce myself. I've been visiting this site since early January, when I finally made the decision to change careers and pursue the one I've always be a nurse! I start back to college tomorrow with just one class (Human Growth & Development) for now- next semester starts in May, when I'll be taking College Algebra and A & P I. I plan to continue working full time in my current job (I'm a Senior Associate for a major brokerage firm) through the end of the year, and trying to get my pre-reqs finished so I can apply for the ADN-RN program at my local community college starting in January 2003. I know this is going to be hard, but I am so fed up my current job. I get paid well for what I do but this business is so MONEY driven (obviously) that its gotten ridiculous. My firm has laid off over 9,000 employees in the last 18 months, and now they are requiring that Senior Associates get their CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certification. I really have never been interested in this business (I just sort of fell into the job) but I am "registered" (licensed to be a stockbroker) and now that is not enough, and I figure, if I have to go through two years of school (which is what it takes for the CFP) then I might as well do what I have always wanted to do, and go to nursing school. My children are nearly grown (just two of six still at home; son is 17 and daughter is 16 -blended family.) Husband is retired Navy, has his own business, and works at home. I've been the primary breadwinner for the most part, and it will be hard givng up my income for a few years, but as I said, this is something I've always wanted to do, but between husband #1, babies, husband #2, four step children, husband #2 on active military duty, my "career" has just kind of been on hold. I'll be 46 next month, and after reading the posts about "older" nurses and health problems, I'm a bit worried, but I am in good health now, and physically fit, so I'll have to see how that goes. And if you substitute the word "broker" for "doctor" in your posts, and "senior associate" for "nurse", and administration is administration no matter how you look at it, I have pretty much experienced every sort of workplace power struggle and political intrigue that you all have described over the last twenty five years of office work...I have no illusions about how that all will work.

The bottom line to all this rambling is I have always wanted to help people, as far back as I can remember. I took all the health related classes I could in high school (Biology, Chemistry, Physiology, Psychology) and was in the"Future Medical Leaders" club, and after graduation was enrolled in the local vo-tech school to be a medical assistant (no family finances or encouragement for college back in 1974) but then met a boy, fell "in love" and never went back to school until 1994, and that was for a business degree...I had kind of given up on my dream. And I never knew that the ADN programs existed! If I had know it would only take two years, I would have done this years ago! But maybe it just wasn't time for me yet...I guess I had to go thru all that I have up til this point in my life to be ready for this. So, here I am, ready to start, and excited and a little nervous. Your posts are incredibly encouraging to me, and I'm really thrilled that I can share how I'm feeling with someone who has been in these shoes I plan to wear. And they will not be high heels!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Welcome, ggfifi!!


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glad to have you on this wonderful bulletin board. since you have been reading the discussions since january, i am sure you are aware of how many encouraging people there are on here. i am a latebloomer who decided at age 38 what i wanted to be when i "grow up". i am now in my second semester of nursing in an adn program. if you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me. good luck!!!!


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Thanks for the "welcome" to Peaceful 2100 & rosemadder. Yes, I am very encouraged to see there are lots of "latebloomers" (perfect description!) out there. Despite the negatives I read, I still think this is the right choice for me, and I have learned so much already just from reading all your comments - both pro and con. This is a great resourse for all of us.


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I just registered this week myself and have been reading the posts for a while. Everyone here seems really supportive. :) You and I seem to have lots in common. Military husbands, teenage kids, and starting school later (I'm 38). I figure since everyone is living longer and I'm in pretty good health, we should be able to work at least 20 years before we start to fall apart. :D :roll My mother is a LPN and has been working for 40 years and is still a practicing nurse. She loves it. So us "older" nurses should be fine. :)


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Welcome, ggfifi and paula4ms....good to have you here! I, too, am an "oldie but goodie" student. I worked in accounting for 20 years and really never liked it. I finally decided (after Sept. 11th, being a native New Yorker) to change my life for the better and be happy. I love helping people and have always wanted to be a nurse. But, like you, life happened...fell in "love", had children, fell out of love, worked to support my family. Now have 4 children total, ranging from 23 to 4, have a fantastic man who is too good to me (I can be a real pain in the *** sometimes...LOL) and am finishing my first semester of pre-req's. I will be 39 the end of this month and enjoying life more now than ever! I just got my award letter from school yesterday and will be able to attend school for the next 2 semesters (after summer) full time and can work on campus. Yahoo...!!!

Life is what we make 7 year old girl wrote me a letter yesterday about how her Mom goes to school and will be a great nurse (yeah, I still get teary eyed when I read it!) Look at what we're teaching our children!

Welcome to you hard and enjoy! This is a great support network for us to you soon!!

Christine :)

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