Intro To Biology


Hi! I am trying really hard to pass my prerequisites with all A's. The program I am trying to get in is very competitive. I dont have time to retake prerequisites being a mother of four children. Anyways my program requires an intro to biology class. I have been out of school for several years so I do not remember anything from high school. So If there is anyone out there that has any intro to bio notes can you please post them. I will greatly appreciate it.

pick up extra study time by reading your notes onto a tape recorder and listening to them in your car on way to work and school,, very very helpful, especially on test day.

I've been out of biology school for 20 years and i made an A and a B in anatomy when i went back to school,, you can do it.

make sure you are taking the right biology class. there's usually a principles of bio,, and a general bio... take the one you need and consider the one that is applicable to other majors like premed,, i think the like gen. bio.


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Yes my school requires bio 151 which is intro to biology in order to move on to anatomy and physiology. I was looking for intro to biology threads on here but have not found one all is anatomy. But thank you for replying.