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Interviews in Maine this weekend


Anyone else going to interview at U of New England on the 20th? I'm looking forward to it. I lived in Maine for a while and enjoy going back, and I think my comfort level will be increased just because I'm in familiar surroundings. Also the vibe I get from this school doesn't make me think the interview will put me on the spot or make me uncomfortable.

Anybody, anybody? We could get together for lobster Sat night.

Those are good odds!!!:p


Best of luck in your interview.

I guess it's just me!

GOOD LUCK! I hope one day to make it back to maine as well, there is nothing like the sweet clean air and laid back attitude. Let us know how it goes.

There were 11 of us. This is the first of three interview dates, and they accept 12, so the odds aren't bad for those of us interviewed. I did so-so, I didn't totally humiliate myself but I wasn't great. I think I said some stuff which presented me as a novice ICU nurse. Oh well, it was my first one and not where I really want to go, and I can't change anything now.

apaisRN ... Don't give up yet. You may have done better than you think. Keep us posted.

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