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3 interviews lined up - What if I get a job offer with interview number 1??

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Hello Nurse Beth,


I am a 4th year BSN student and I am lined up for 3 interviews at our local civilian hospital. My 3rd interview is weeks away from the 1st & 2nd so I am not sure how to handle the situation if I am offered job 1 or 2 prior to my interview for job 3. I will be interviewing for: ED, Family Centered Care, and Adult Acute Care, respectively. Please advise.


Thank you!!!

Dear Has Three Interviews,

Wow, three interviews lined up! Congratulations!

Do you have a preference for one of the three: ED, Family Centered Care, or Adult Acute Care?

If your preference is either ED or Family Centered Care, and you are offered one of those positions, you can simply cancel your last interview for Adult Acute Care.

If Adult Acute Care is your preference, or you are unsure, you can try a couple of things.

If you are offered a position in ED or Family Centered Care, thank them for the offer and tell them you need time to think about it. You do not have to accept on the spot, and it's likely they won't offer on the spot, either. Often after interviews, they decide after all the interviews are complete, and then make offers. All this buys you some time.

How much time will they give you?

Some employers expect an answer within 24 hours. If you are pushed to answer immediately, recognize that you are being high-pressured, and do you want to work for a company that employs such tactics?

Generally the expected guideline for responding to a job offer is 3-4 days, but it's negotiable. Act enthusiastic, be gracious, and stall. If the employer does not give you a time, ask for a week, or tell them you will be happy to let them know in one week, and who is the best person to call?

If they give you a time frame, negotiate.

I'm excited about the opportunity to work for your organization, and I want to know if I can have until next Thursday to get back to you.” Be sure and keep your Thursday deadline.


You can then contact the manager of Adult Acute Care and be upfront. Tell them that you received a job offer and would it be possible to schedule your interview sooner as they are waiting for your reply.

Some people accept the first offer (bird in the hand) to have a sure thing, and then quit if they prefer the next job offer. They defend it by saying it's just business”, and they probably haven't finished their background checks yet, anyway”, and everyone does it”.

As you can tell, I'm not entirely comfortable with that although that is an individual decision driven by your own values.

You never want to break your bridges. In all cases, be professional, and keep your word.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth


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I'd Go for the ER. once you have hospital experience the doors begin to open. also if you take a verbal offer, keep pursuing other avenues until you at least get a firm written offer with no contingencies. Never switch jobs without one. Some places will finish the interview with 'welcome aboard' , which can be kind of awkward.

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