Interviewing as a Patient Care Technician in NICU

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Hello everyone! I have an interview coming up for a patient care technician position in the neonatal ICU at a pretty big hospital near me. I have worked as a "caregiver" in a memory care facility for a year, then as a CNA in a rehab center for another year, but I want to move onto something different! I am currently in nursing school and would LOVE to get experience like this under my belt! Any interview tips? Any idea what it's like to work as a PCT on a NICU floor? Thank you!

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Here is a thread from the site re: CNAs in the NICU: has a few listings for PCT in the NICU but I didn't see many detailed job descriptions.

The job description at your facility might be helpful to peruse, and perhaps touch base with the Nurse Manager in the area, for a more detailed description of duties and possibly shadowing someone who works there as a PCT.

Good luck!

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Our techs don't do a ton of patient care. They can take vitals, change diapers, and bottle feed. They do all of the stocking (the baby's rooms and the resuscitation areas in the operating room) and clean all of the equipment. I hear that cleaning multiple incubators in a row sucks, but I've never cleaned one myself.