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interviewing with ob nurse manager


I am to have an interview with the new ob manager at my facility next week! I am a fairly new RN and have been working med/surg since June. Everyone in my facility knows of my great desire to get to OB. Any tips on having a great interview ie what to say what not to say, How do I win her opinion of me. I don't want to sound like a not it all but i want to be well versed, enthusiastic and make her know of my great interest in this department. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Congrats on your interview! I just interview for and accepted a L&D position earlier this week. All I can say is be fairly knowledgable, dress professionally, be prepared with some questions of your own to ask her, and be sure to pay attention to your posture! Good luck, and I hope you get this job if it is what you want.

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