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I already have a staff position for this facility, a medium sized rural hospital, as a per diem m/s Nurse. I am SO ready to learn something new and new challenges. On and off, over my 6 years as a Nurse, I have thought about ER. I am now ready to take it on.

I recently reacquired my ACLS. For the first time, I took and passed the TNCC. I tried the ENPC but did not feel comfortable or ready to go through the test etc. I decided to wait untill January for redoing it (that is when the next class is available).

When I interviewed for m/s, with this same facility, there was a preset list of questions (which were dorkey). I can not help but wonder what they will ask me on my interview this Wednesday. Any ideas on what they may ask? Or could you talk about what you discussed on your job interview? I realize it may have been a long time ago but I think the discussion would put my mind at ease a bit.

I have a strong backround in m/s, have done (via AGency) Stepdown, Tele, Women's health, triage, pain management, Oncology / Hospice, Neuro, and a lot of other's through Agency Nursing. I am very keen on "jumping in" and getting experience and love new challenges.

YOur feedback is greatly appreciated ;)


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When I interviewed for the ER years ago, I didn't have any ER experience, just a variety of M/S. I was given alot of scenario type questions to test my ability to critically think and prioritize (ie. triaging patients with different chief complaints). You'll do fine in the interview esp. with a strong M/S background. Good luck.

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