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Interview Tomorrow....HELP!!!


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I am a 2nd semester student in an ADN program. We have the opportunity to work over the summer at a really great hospital (summer externship - RN Extern). I have my interview tomorrow and had a question! I know you're supposed to send cover letters but I applied for the job online and don't know if I should still attach a cover letter with my resume when I go for my interview.

Any thoughts?!?!?!

I would, better to have it then not, let them decide if they dont need it. Bring whatever paperwork you might need (within reason of course)

Good Luck!

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Just take your resume with you to give them in case they want it. The cover letter isn't necessary. It is quite likely that they have a form of questions that they ask all applicants and that they will be asking you. When we interviewed students for these kinds of positions, we did. We weren't interested in a cover letter. They will probably contact one of your instructors over at your school for a reference on you as well. We always did.

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