I was wonder if any neonatal nurse's can answer these interview question for a school assignment if you have the time and if you can send it to my email:

That would be great and thank you


Company name, deparment, address/city, phone

1. When you were in college, what did you think your career was going to be? What was your undergraduate major field of study?

2. What credentials, educational degrees, licenses, etc. are required for entry into this kind of work?

3. What kinds of prior experience are absolutely essential?

4. How did you prepare yourself for this work?

5. Describe how you occupy your time during a typical work week?

6. What skills or talents are most essential for Effectiveness in this job?

7. What are the toughest problems you must deal with?

8. What do you find most rewarding about this work itself , apart from external motivators, such as salary, fringe benefits, travel, etc.

9. If you were to leave this kind of* work, what would drive you away from it?

10. Which of your past work experiences affect what you do now?

11. Have any other job changes been for reasons of Lifestyle? please explain

12. What obligations does your workplace upon you, outside of the ordinary work week? do you enjoy these obligations?

13. How much flexibility do you have in terms of dress, hours of work, vacation schedule, place of residence, etc.?

14. How did you get into this career?

15. Does it meet your interests, skills and values?

16. What are the pros and cons?

17.* what is a typical day like? what do you like most and least?

18. What are the skills and personal qualities needed to enter into this career?

19. What educational background is required?

20. What are work conditions : hours, dress, location, physical environment, etc.?

21. What are the career paths in this field?

22. Is it a competitive field, can one enter without experience?

23. What are the entry level salary and benefits ? what is long-range earning potential?

24. How does the future look for this career (employment Outlook)?

25. What are the career path options in this industry/ organization?

26. Advice /recollections

27. Who else would you recommend I go and talk to?

None of this information will be shared but with my professor


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Why do you need company name, department, address and phone?


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My professor ask for it just to make sure the person I'm interviewing really works as a nurse but if anyone feels uncomfortably answering any information than it doesn't have to be answer

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This kind of assignment is better done in person where you can have an open dialogue which is probably the whole point of the assignment and to start making connections in the real world. Plus how do you know that we are who we say we are? Anybody could reply to this and not even be a nurse...

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You are asking a LOT of anonymous people on the internet. I bet your instructor did not mean 'go post this on the internet' when he/she gave this assignment. There are over 3 millions RNs in this country. Go out and find one to speak with in person.