I am from Germany and moved in the last year.

I have my first interview for an RN position in the US. Give you a short cut about me:

1985 - High School Diploma

1988 - RN in Germany, still valid

1990 - Staff nurse

1992 - Baby

1994 - RN urological Doctor's office

1998 - Pharmaceutical Sales Representative till 2013

2007 - passed die NCLEX RN in Frankfurt /Germany for the US

1998 - 2013 voluntary RN at the German red Cross for the community, home health, conducting doctors visits, evaluate health condition, administer medication etc...

9-2013 Getting a visa and moving to US

1-2014 Getting my RN license

I applied for several part time jobs and are invited to an interview for surgical staff nurse and home health care.

My last interview was 1998 and in Germany for a pharmaceutical company, therefore I really need help to prepare.

What to know, what to ask?

Which benefits are really good?


Have written references from Germany, shall I take them with?

Anything to know??

Payment to expect to ask for?

Thank you!!


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I recently just interview last June for 3 jobs and all got offers from them, here is what I did.

1.) You probably already know this, but wear something professional that makes you stick out

2.) Answer their questions truthfully and prepare to defend them (they may give you a situation that could happen and want you to answer and defend it if it arises)

3.) Know the facts about the place you are interviewing (are they a magnet hospital, how many beds, what awards they have attained as a hospital, etc.)

4.) Speak clearly and with a sense of confidence

5.) Bring a couple of resumes with you because there may be more than one person interviewing you

6.) Speak of accomplishments you attained while being in Germany as a RN that would help the place you are interviewing

7.) Show up at least 20 minutes early

8.) Get a good nights sleep before (don't sign up to work the day before your interview if you have another job)

9.) Lastly, shake each interviewers hands and look them in the eyes and say thank you for choosing to interview me at the beginning of the interview and at the end.

Hope this helps, with all your experience and expertise I have no doubt you will do great and your possible future employers will see that.

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Thank you so much, this helps a lot!! Please, what do you mean with wearing something professional? I really arrived in September in this country, not as young anymore,but still willingly to learn. There is a lot to consider, I do not want to make mistakes. Also, the health system is very different from Germany.

Here, an RN really hast responsibilities, even with their own nursing diagnosis, which simply not exists in Germany. Therefore, I am thankful for every help. There are a lot years left to work for me, I want to join the health system as a good nurse.


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The women on here may be able to give you more fashionable advice, but what I have seen more and more of is showing up in a pressed suit with a light button up shirt underneath with pressed pants or knee length skirt. Also, polished, closed toed shoes. If you do not have a pressed suit, a nice blouse would do. This is what our director of nursing wears everyday. Hope this helps!

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Processional means a dark conservative pants or skirt suit with a non revealing shell or button down shirt. In the summer you may be able to get away without the jacket, but make sure you have sleeves. Closed toe pumps or flats. Minimal, conservative jewelry. Nails trim with no to neural nail color. Earrings limited to ears. No to light perfume. Clean hair up in bun or half down. Bring copies of resumes on nice paper. Make eye contact and ask appropriate questions. In the US it is illegal for interviewers to ask about age, marital status, illness, pregnancy status, religion, gender, family responsibilities etc. Also, having a background check is pretty standard. Good benefits includes health insurance and some sort of retirement plan ( 401k or 403b). Free parking us nice too. Some places have discounts at certain gyms or discounts at a certain credit union etc but these are extras. Bring your references. It's better to have them than not. As far as pay, it will vary a lot by geographical location. Its better not to bring up pay until you have an offer. Express interest by asking questions about how the unit is run and asking to tour the unit. Also, you will be required to work weekends. Ask about the nurse to patient ratios. As a surgical staff nurse 1:5 is pretty standard. Bring your CPR card and a copy of your nursing license (can print it out from the state board of nursing website).

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Thank you so much! Will do so!

Also, some job descriptions mention "HUB req", what does this mean?

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What means CPR card? HUB req.?

Your country is the land of abbreviations, I need a course for this too. :)

First interview was good, the recruiter will recommend me to the nursing director. If he is also interested, I will take my second interview. Had copies of all my licenses and references, so far, nobody wanted to see them. Good or not? Hopefully I will hear something soon.


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Glad to hear your first interview went well! A CPR card is also known as BLS or basic life support. It is a required certification for mostly all Nursing Jobs. Several agencies offer it, but most facilities require it to be from the American Heart Association(AHA). If you do not currently have one you can go to the AHA website and look for classes in your area or call the education department at your local hospital to sign up for a class there. There will be a fee which varies.

Regarding your question about your references and license, many employers do not request or accept these until a contingent offer has been made, although hiring managers will usually take letters of recommendation at the time of the interview if you offer them.

Hope this helps!