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Hello I'm a new grad about to start job hunting. I know to expect a few "skill based" questions, according to the HR people who talked to our class. They did not specify and I didn't have a chance to clarify.

Does anybody have an example to share from an interview experience? I'm wondering if it's med math based, actual skills like injections, iv hangs etc..or application and knowledge questions such as signs and symptoms or what would you do if your pt is bleeding out...etc. thank you.

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I had an interview on a surgical step down unit and I didn't get any questions like you mentioned. They should assume that if you're a nurse then you can do most of the skills you listed. I was in a behavioral type interview where the manager asked me a lot of "tell me about a time when..." questions. It was based on getting an idea of how I react to things and I remember a question about something I may have done to fix a problem and did it work. After about five questions we talked about the unit a little and then I had a peer interview. I sat before three staff members of the unit (nurse, PCT, secretary) and they asked questions mainly centered around how I work as a team member and how I communicate. I still haven't heard back but I think it went well. I would google questions so that you're somewhat prepared content wise. I didn't get asked one single question that I prepared for, but since I did my research and already had some examples and experiences fresh in my memory, it was easy to answer the unexpected questions, just with a little tweaking of my original answers! :)

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We also use case studies. You need to understand common illnesses and how you would intervene, in addition to behavioural questions.


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Sounds as if Canada and the US interview differently. No interview I've ever been on has had the unit clerk and a care aide attend.

Know what to do with diabetics, prioritize care needs, etc.

Like Joanna said, it's a case study and what you'd do.


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There are usually case studies, team questions, and emergency questions (emergency questions will relate to whatever type of unit) also some places may ask about CVCs and PICCs if they are surgical/medical, so make sure to read up on the unit. :)