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Hi! Just wondering - what are some of the questions you were asked in nursing school interviews? Also, I'm wondering if I say "I want to be a nurse because I want to do my part to help people" or something like that they'll think I'm being fake and cheesy. (even though I do want to help!) :) I want to be able to have good replies that are original and sincere, but I'm going nuts because I don't know what to expect as far as questions go. I know that being yourself is the best policy, but I'm afraid I'll be so nervous that I'll crash and burn if I just try to wing it. I'd like to have a few things already thought up so I can rely on those if my brain fails me.:coollook: Thanks in advance for your help - you guys are the best!



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yah, its cliche, but be yourself is probably the best advice. i think that the interviewers arent so concerned that you come up with a clever and unusual answer, they mostly just want to meet you and get a feel for how well you communicate. just say what you really mean, and dont worry about being too creative. youll be fine :)


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Try to relax, the interviewer knows that everybody hates interviews and know it's tense for you. Just be yourself, try to convey what becoming a nurse will mean to you and why you are interested in the field. Don't worry about giving an Oscar winning performance, a nice sincere chat will usually win them over! Good luck!!


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All of my interviews were very relaxed, and yes, I got that dreaded "Why" question a few times, though not every time.

Make a list of reason you feel you would enjoy nursing. I was even asked what I thought my biggest challenge would be. Be honest. I told them that math was not a strong point, so I knew when I took a math course that I may want to limit other courses I took at the same time, so I could concentrate on it.

Be prepared - make sure you have copies of all of your transcripts - high school and college, even though they should have them (mistakes get made) - and make copies of all course descriptions for courses you've taken. That helped me immensely with them knowing if a course would transfer or not. Also, have copies of any other thing that may be pertinent - like NLN test scores, past awards/honors, etc. You need to distinguish yourself from everyone else - sell yourself. Tell them what you'd bring to their program, and how you've studied their program and why you feel it is a good match for you also.

This goes without saying, but after I was finishing one of my interviews, and we had gone over the alloted time, a woman came rushing into the office for her interview - 15 minutes late. I know the interviewer noticed that.j

Best of luck!! Let us know how it goes! :)


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Most of my interview questions were like "interview for a job" questions. For example, what are your weakest points and what are you doing to work on them? What are your strengths? What kind of transportation do you have, what is your backup plan? What kind of daycare to do you have, what is your backup plan. Also, I was asked what I thought an LPN did. This was to check if I understood just what type of work I would be doing. I was also asked how many times I called in sick to work - because this school only allows less than 6% absences.

Hope that helps.

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