Interview as a New Grad RN with the Health Department for PHN1....any advice?


I have an interview on Monday as a new graduate nurse with the Health Department/Womens Services. Does anyone have any experience with the health department or what to expect? Is it a good place for new grads? I was let go from a job after being on 90 day trial due to them saying I was not catching up on my skills quickly enough. That has been over 8 months ago. I am nervous, anxious, and excited!

Any advice?


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Hi Heather,

PHN is a wonderful job. I would definitely suggest doing a year on the floor first just to have the experience and the skill set. But, you have the opportunity so you might as well take it, positions are opening bc ppl r retiring. But once those positions r filld they r gone bc us 20 somethings they are gone for the next 20- 30 years. People get in and they stay bc it isnt rough on ur mind, body and spirit. Every job has its downfall, this one is politics. But the good, outweighs the bad. There is ALOT to learn. If you r doing Imms be prepared to LEARN A TON & learn it fast. I caught on quick bc I hired in during the slow season and had time to learn. Busy season is Aug- Nov. In my health department PHN I's can only due Imms. Best of Luck :)


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I have not been able to find anyone that will hire me as a floor nurse, that is the bad thing. Hospitals are turning away new grads right and left here. The position I interviewed for is Women's Clinic, they told me I would work with a preceptor and have an orientation at my own pace, as to not overwhelm me, which I like. I would be helping with Family Planning also. Seems like it would be a good opportunity to learn a lot. Hoping I get a callback!