interview needed for last healthcare admin class


If anyone could help me with a few of these questions for my last healthcare administration class, I would appreciate it. I understand that nurses are very busy and that is probably why I can't find any to interview. Thanks again for anyone that can help.

1. Tell me about your experiences in nursing with regards to collaboration with physicians?

2. Can you provide negative and positive examples of collaboration that you have experienced?

3. State your name, city, main diplomas and certificates in relation to the job as a nurse

4. Describe 3 - 7 strengths on education, experiences, skills and abilities.

5. Point out your weaknesses as a nurse

6. If you left certain jobs as a nurse, can you explain why?

7. What are your dislikes and likes as a nurse?

8. What made you choose nursing as a career?

9. What do you do to keep current with medical findings and practices?

10. How do you handle stress on the job?

11. How would you deal with a doctor who was rude?

12. How would you handle a patient who constantly complains about pain?

13. How would you handle a patient who complains about everything?

14. How would you handle a family who is displeased with your patient's care?

15. What were your key tasks as an nurse

16. Do you prefer to work alone or as a team

17. What are your feelings about teamwork and is it important?

18. What would you say is the most challenging thing about your job?

19. What is most challenging for an nurse

20. What abilities or characteristics are needed on a nursing job?

21. What was your image of a nurse before you became one?

22. Do you think nursing has changed since you originally became a nurse and how come?

23. What do you think is the public's image of nursing

24. What are some of the misconceptions you think others have about nursing

25. What would you say to someone thinking about becoming a nurse?

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We get a whole bunch of requests for people wanting "interviews" when they mean write a nice long essay for me. But 25 complex questions really takes the cake. Search INTERVIEWS on this site and youll see how many requests we get, usually from people who join for the sole purpose of requesting a very big favor.

Find a real nurse, and actually sit down and talk to them. You'll gain so much more.

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Do your own homework. We don't do it for you. Nurses are very busy and that's why you can't find any to interview? Seriously? You thought that would work? Nice try, though.

We get these requests a lot, so if there are any other students out there who might get this kind of assignment, listen up:

Part of your faculty's reason for giving you this assignment is to get you to go out there and speak to an RN face to face. A big email blast is not a substitute for shoe leather. AN is not Google.

See, in nursing, you have to learn to speak to a lot of people you would not otherwise encounter; you might find yourself out of your comfort zone. This is part of nursing, a huge part. An anonymous respondent online, well, you don't really know who we are, do you? We could be the truck driving guy living next door for all you know.

So if all you do about learning new things is "Go to the keyboard and hit send," then you are limiting your chances of actual learning a valuable skill you will need all your working life. Also, your faculty will not be impressed by your citation of an anonymous nurse on the internet.

That said: Where will you find a nurse? Think outside the (computer) box.

Local hospital: go to the staff development/inservice education office and ask one of them. They value education and will be happy to chat or to hook you up with someone who is.

Go to the public health department downtown. Ditto.

Go to the local school and ask to speak to a school nurse. Ditto.

Go to a local clinic / physician/NP office. Ditto.

Go to the local jail and ask to speak to the nurse there. Ditto.

Notice all of these say, "Go to..." and not "Email..." Remember that part about meeting new people face to face and comfort zone.