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Ok, I'm a new LVN grad and sent in my first app to a local hospital. It was an online app and asked me to list the area of interest in order of preference. Since I really want to be in L&D after I get my RN, I listed PP at the top with M/S about 4th on the list. I got a message from the Director of M/S that he wanted to set up an interview and he would call me Monday, then I went to the hospital with my niece for a nonstress test and an RN there told me they needed LVN's in PP and Nursery and would probably hire a new grad. She told me to bring her name and my resume' to the Director of OB Monday. Now my question is....when the guy from M/S calls do I take the interview or wait until I talk with the OB Director and see what she says since that is where I prefer to work???? The RN in OB told me to just not answer the phone and call him back when I know if I have a chance in PP, but I he has already had to leave me a message once and I do not want to burn any bridges......PLEASE HELP!!

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I would go to the interview. At least go and see what choices you have before you totally throw one option away. See what each has to offer. That's what I would do. :)

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You go to both. You have no bird in the hand otherwise. You haven't the slightest guarantee you'll be hired into or even interviewed for OB.

If you're lucky, you'll have the dilemma of choosing between offers. If you're foolish, you'll have nothing.


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Thanks for the replies...I just needed a little direction.

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