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I was wondering if any of the educators here could give me an idea of what types of questions are asked when you interview for Graduate School.

Do you interview 1:1 or are several instructors involved in the interview?

In general, how long does it take to make a decision of who is accepted? I know that it varies depending on the school, but just a general idea.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm afraid you already know the answer. It varies so much from program to program that there is no "general idea." People can tell you what happened to them, but it does not mean that anything like that will happen to you.

What will help you most is to ask the people who work in the program to which you are applying. They can tell you about their particular process and when to expect a decision.

I've sat on an admissions committee. People who interviewed just before the committee meeting got a quick answer. People who interviewed long before the meeting took place had to wait a long time to get a decision.

For one program, I did a telephone interview that took about 45 minutes. For another program, I had a face-to-face interview. I remember waiting almost 2 months to hear one time ... but I got in!

Good luck,


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I had to respond to a variety of questions and write a three page explanation of what I wanted to do with the degree and such.


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