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Interview...employer ?s to ask, can I have a sheet?



I have an interview finally tomorrow:) I am just a ball of nerves and I feel like I have been trying to prepare for NCLEX Part 2, The Interview! My question is, when it is time for me to ask the employer questions, do you think it's inappropriate for me to have my ?s printed on a sheet and write their responses? I am trying to remember all the answers to their questions, I am afraid I'll totally forget my questions. TIA for any help.

I had a list of questions and wrote down the answers for an interview I went to, and the interviewer had no problem with it (I did it for both steps of the interview- with the nurse recruiter and then with the floor manager). I, personally, would encourage you to do it. It shows that you prepared for the interview, and I think that it also shows a genuine interest in their organization, because you want to know more about it. I did not have a list of notes at the first interview I went on, and I had so many questions I wished I could go back and ask. I was so much better prepared for the 2nd one. (as a side note, I was offered both jobs)

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There is no problem with writing your questions down. It shows that you prepared for the interview ... are organized ... are likely to make lists of tasks to do with patients so that you won't forget them ... etc.

However, I would be careful about "taking notes" so diligently that it slowed down the interview. It's one thing to jot down a fact or two, but another thing to try to write down everything they say. It would also not be good to appear to be writing details down so that you can compare their answers to the answers that other people are giving to those same questions.

Also, you want to be paying attention to the interviewer, making eye contact, smiling, nodding, asking follow-up questions, etc. while they are answering your questins -- not keeping your head down watching what you write.

So ... by all means, make a list of questions. No problem. But minimize note taking to the bare minimum.

Thank you ladies. I feel better about jotting down a few questions that I want to ask them now. Such a relief! More than anything I just want to make sure I ask questions and that they are intelligent ones.


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For every interview I have been on (and I have been on so many in my career), I have a leather portfolio I was given for my college graduation that I always bring with me that I always bring with me. In it I bring several copies of my resume (you would be surprised how many times they get lost with your application), copies of my letters of recommendations and a legal pad with all my questions. Perfectly acceptable to bring questions and write down some quick notes.

Thank you rnsrg8t. Maybe I will invest in a nice portfolio myself. :)

those are great info thanks


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No problem!! Good Luck!!!


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MAy I ask what type of quesTions you Will be askinG potential employers? About the orientation process? Scheduling? I'm just starting my job hunt and any advice would be greatly appreciated.