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I applied for a job as a Tech. I was really surprised when after two weeks I got an email that I have an interview next week plus administered skills test...

The thing is I do not have an experience as a CNA and my license is still pending... I know that my chances are low but why I wouldn't try to get that job? I would love to work on ER!

My questions:

- what questions I can expect?

- what do they mean by the skill test? Is it like state exam?

- any advice is more then welcome :)


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What do you mean by still pending? Like you haven't taken your state certification, or you are still awaiting results? That shouldn't matter, that is if you passed. I would just let them know you are still waiting for your results. I would imagine the administered skills test would be very similar to the skills portion of the state exam, a few random skills and to see how you react under pressure. Good luck, I think it is a great opportunity!


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I passed the state exam and got my results right away, but even tough I had to send my application to the State Department of Health for a Nursing Assistant Registration. You can start working without it in Nursing Home but I am not so sure about the hospital.


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I would just take whatever proof you have showing that..also, it shouldn't be much longer for you to show up on the registry.

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