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Do ya'll know if you have to interview before being accepted into Charity School of Nursing??? I saw this on another thread, and was like WOW, I did not know this.




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no, there isn't any interview required.

Can a student be accepted into Delgado Community College- Charity School of Nursing without completing Anatomy & Physiology I (Bio 253, 251) Lecture and Lab first. There is a student stating she was accepted into the Fall class and has not completed the first Anatomy and Physiology class Lecture & Lab but is taking the class this semester??????????????


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as long as A and P is completed before you start your first nursing course. So if you are starting in the fall, you would have to take it before Aug. A and p 2 has to be completed before you start your 2nd semester of nursing school. Its probably easier if you finish most of your pre reqs before you start nursing school b/c the workload is rather intense just with the nursing classes. Just remember that it usually takes 1 yr after applying to get accepted so you should apply early and take classes while you wait to get in. Good luck.


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I do NOT recommend taking A&PII in the first semester of nursing school! Basics is demanding enough without adding A&PII to the misery!

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