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Interveiw tips for RN in DOU/PCU


Hi, i am a new grad, I FINALLY have a job interveiw coming up next week, its a position in a DOU/PCU.

I don't know what to expect in the interveiw, apart from basic interveiw questions, what else should i prepare for?

What type of case scenarios should i prepare for? .........what do i need to know before hand? I am so nervous, I am thinking of studying cardiac stuff from my med-surg book.

Any advise or tip is appreciated


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My suggestion is that you sell yourself...tell them why it would be beneficial for them to hire you vs. why you need a job. For the most part, they'll ask you how you would handle an irate patient or family member. They may ask you what would you do if you walked into a patient's room and the garbage is full....the correct answer is take it out yourself since it's everyone's responsibility to ensure that patients receive excellent customer service...not just call housekeeping. Brush up on your medical calculations. Convey your interest in being open to learn. And follow up, follow up...send a thank you note (schedule it to arrive within 2 days after your interview). Dress professionally. Good luck.


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Be yourself. If they granted you an interview then you likely have the basics for what they are looking for in a nurse, now they just want to see if you are a good fit for the unit. If you don't get hired, don't take it personally, you wouldn't want to work somewhere where you weren't a good fit.

Thanks for your response himilayaneyes & ob_one, im stressing out......i really want to work in a hospital

I'm sure i can handle the regular interveiw questions, its the case scenario questions that i am worried about. Any new grad in DOU/PCU, what format was your interveiw? what kind of scenario questions did you get? will appreciate any tips

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Ok, had the interveiw, soooooo many case scenerios....ehmmmm well, i felt good after the interveiw though, i did my best, will hear back in 2 weeks...thats a long wait....lol

thanks for your support, will keep you posted