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I am a foreigner nurse living in Austin. I have 5 years R.N experience overseas.

Right now, I am studying for the NCLEX and also work as a CNA. I plan on taking the exam in May but before that I would like to find an internship in the hospital. I think it can help me to gain more knowledge for my NCLEX studying.

Is there anyone knows which hospitals might offer an internship position to a foreigner nurse (who will soon be a U.S. citizen) in Austin?

Thanks for your help!


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You might try one of the Seton group hospitals. I work at Austin Heart and we don't have internship programs per say. I have also worked for the St. Davids partnership as well and I don't remember them having internships either. I really dout that you will be able to find a nursing "internship" or precepter program with any of the hospitals until after you have taken your NCLEX even though you were a nurse in your country. My suggestion would be to continue working as a CNA and really watch the nurses that you work with. Most of us are very helpful and are glad to answer any questions you may have as I am sure nursing practices are different in different countries.

You might also think about taking a good NCLEX review class. You might be able to find out about that through ACC. Good Luck to you :)!

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