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Internship and experience

by Matthew Brown Matthew Brown (New) New

Short summary short is that I applied for some nursing internships for this Summer due to me being a rising junior and wanting clinical experience. Two of them that I qualified for got canceled due to the pandemic and my last one(Mount Sinai) just never reached back to me after the interview and after I called them. I'm a little at lost of how to get some valuable nursing experience this Summer on LONG ISLAND. I have volunteered at hospitals but If I'm going to become a good nurse/ candidate for being hired I need some valuable experience. Does anyone know of any recent openings on Long Island (Nassau) that would take nursing students for an externship or at-least something more involved in the clinical side of things. Thanks much 🙂 and also has anyone heard anything from Mount Sinai South Nassau Communities hospital regarding their nursing internship.

MotoMonkey, BSN, RN

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I would be very surprised if any hospitals decided to take Summer nurse interns this Summer. Global pandemic, over stressed staff, and limited supplies mean that having non essential personnel on hospital campuses is just not going to happen.

With the world the way it is, I am confident that when hospitals are hiring new grads for the next year or so, they will take into consideration that many clinical experiences and activities have been stopped due to COVID.

When I was in school I knew a lot of people who were also very concerned about getting the right extracurricular activities and having an internship, because they thought it was necessary to be a good nurse or land the perfect job. But I will tell you, I learned more about how to be a good nurse during my first six months of work than I did in my entire nursing program.


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if they have been cancelled your next best option is to be a nursing assistant. you will get hired very quickly and likely could even have a preference on what floor or specialty you work with. once you get to know your coworkers they usually have no issue teaching you things