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International Travel Nursing

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I am a new grad nurse looking into a specialty area. I love Spanish and would like to get more experience speaking the language, which I figure is best done by being around that culture. Does anyone know how I can get plugged into an international travel agency? I only saw posts about travel nursing in the U.S.


highlandlass1592, BSN, RN

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Gonna need to get probably 1-2 years experience before you travel, fyi. Not sure where you want to head but I know OGredy Peyton does international travel.


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Many agencies require 1 year med-surge exp. I do worry for you however. Many new grads have enough trouble as it trying to even learn a routine on a med-surge floor here. Imagine being infused in a Spanish speaking country AND learning a med-surge routine. My suggestion to you is to go somewhere like Miami first. I am Hispanic and from Miami, and trust me when I tell you it's like no other part of the country!

If your heart is set on going international, some places may require proof of profiency in Spanish. When I visited Puerto Rico, I learned that even the NCLEX is in Spanish. Just food for thought...

I have 32 years experience in NICU. I have family in New Zealand. Are there any companies that would send an NICU nurse to New Zealand?

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