Working in Ontario with ADN, Bachelor's in a different field ...

  1. Hello!

    Does anyone know if it's possible to circumvent the BSN requirement in Ontario with an ADN and a bachelor's in another field? Alternatively, do RN's with an ADN, bachelor's in another field, and a master's in nursing (MSN) meet the Ontario requirement? Please advise. Thanks!

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  3. by   loriangel14
    No.You must have your BSN.I believe that in order to get your Masters in Nursing you have to have your bachelors first.
  4. by   777RN
    Hi and thanks for your reply!

    However, here in the U.S., there are a number of programs that admit ADN registered nurses with bachelor's degrees in other fields. Since I'm considering one of these programs, I wonder if I would be able to work in Ontario with it.

    Thanks again!
  5. by   loriangel14
    Oh I see. That's a good question.Maybe you could. I would try contacting the college of nurses in the province you want to work in.
  6. by   kimsnothome
    There are schools in Canada that offer bridging to a BSN for nurses like yourself who have an ADN and a non-nursing Bachelors. For REGISTRATION to practice in Ontario however, you require a Bachelors in Nursing. Period. I went through this myself with the Ontario board two years ago.
  7. by   777RN
    Thanks also for your reply!

    Nevertheless, there are numerous ADN-BSN bridge programs here in the US as well. Since I already have a bachelor's (in something other than nursing), I was hoping to go straight to a master's program after finishing an ADN.

    So, just to be sure, an MSN without a BSN would NOT meet the Ontario requirement to practice nursing, correct?
  8. by   kimsnothome
    Quote from wendyyvonne
    Thanks also for your reply!

    So, just to be sure, an MSN without a BSN would NOT meet the Ontario requirement to practice nursing, correct?
    That is what I was told by the College of Nurses of Ontario two years ago. I would suggest that you to speak directly to them for your answers - who knows, things may have changed in the past two years.

    Good luck!
  9. by   777RN
    Another route I'm considering is the direct-entry MSN, which means my prelicensure, first degree in nursing degree would be a master's. So, would a direct-entry MSN nursing grad without a BSN still be ineligible to work in Ontario?
  10. by   Blakpepa
    you should look into BSN programs for internationally trained nurses with diplomas. There really is no way to circumvent this. i am in the same position, i want to be a nurse practitioner and I am completing a degree in health sciences but their are no direct entry master prograns (yet) in Ontario. I live in BC and moved from Ontario 5 yrs ago and absolutely everything has changed. Considering they are now opening skilled nursing centres in Ontario, fingers crossed that they will soon have a direct entry masters. But in the mean time, BSN or forget it.
  11. by   777RN
    Thanks for your reply!

    Nevertheless, I'm still confused. What if I graduate from a master's degree program in nursing from the USA, whether direct-entry or post-RN-ADN? With an MSN (without BSN), will I be able to work in Ontario?

    Also, McGill University in Montreal does have a direct-entry master's program in nursing. Would graduates of this program be eligible to work in Ontario, even though they wouldn't have a BSN?

  12. by   Silverdragon102
    I think asking the province college is going to be the best way forward