Wishing contact with a school nurse working in France

  1. Does anyone know anything about School Nursing in France?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    you need to speak the language fluently. Although link is a few years old I don't think the process has changed much from when this was first written. You will need a visa unless you have EU citizenship (ie citizenship from one of the EU countries)
  4. by   suzanne4
    License as an RN there. And that means being very fluent in French and being able to pass language exams there, as well as writing the licensing exam there in French.

    Immigration will also take a big chunk of time, nothing can be done about that until you have obtained the license to practice there, similar to what a foreign nurse goes thru to work in the US.

    Is this the type of information that you are looking for, or is it something else?
  5. by   goldie4
    I am intrested in scope of practice as compaired to school nursing in NJ. Type of training needed, student to nurse ratios, types of physical care given. I would really be intrested in conversing with a school nurse but I do not speak or even read French. Sorry...
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  6. by   suzanne4
    You should be able to get some responses with posting of that information. The beginning thread looked like you were interested in working there.

    There are several french nurses that post here regularly, hopefully they will see it and respond. The ones here do speak and read and write English.

    I am also going to edit the title to that it will attract more responses for you.
  7. by   goldie4