Will I ever get a license?

  1. Hi! I need some thoughts. My mind was all set about going to USA to work. my case was completed August 29,2006. Some Nurses from this forum who had their completion date a week before me got interviewed last week of October, so I was anticipating that I would be included for the November batch and BOOM. Retrogression sets in. Not that I was devastated or something like that because I am "very much" enjoying my present job. its just that my concern right now, if ever (knock on wood) the "matter comes to worst" and I have to stay here for 4-5 years, Will I ever get a license? I have completed all my exams - CGFNS, my IELTS and my NCLEX but i did take the California NCLEX. So I passed, but as you all know, I will not be issued a licence unless I already have a SSN, and how will I do that if ever I "need" to stay here for quiet sometime? My NCLEX result will be "revoked" in 3years if I dont get a SSN. If ever that happens, Will I need to take NCLEX once again? Will it not be eligible for endorsement right now?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    your nclex will not be revoked your file after 3 years will lapse and you need to refile with CA and pay the fee, you will not have to sit NCLEX again. Hopefully this will all be sorted sooner for everyone. If your language exams have expired you may have to take them again
  4. by   batasMTR_RN
    no need to take nclex again but your application for state license will be destroyed after 3 years
  5. by   dindog
    bottomless appetite, may I ask why did you take the CGFNS exam? What for? Thanks.
  6. by   bottomless_appetite
    Quote from dindog
    bottomless appetite, may I ask why did you take the CGFNS exam? What for? Thanks.
    I have always been curious about CGFNS that is why i took it. I have been challenged because most nurses i know Failed CGFNS on their first try and some on the second or third. I wanted to assess myself about my capabilities with regard to nursing knowledge and etc that is why i took it. I did pass CGFNS on my first try, thanks to my effort, and you know what? eventhough most states dont require the test, Passing it really boosted my self-esteem, maybe that is one reason why i find NCLEX fine.