why vermont process center become the slowliest - page 3

when i saw the update of vermont center process center , the processing date for schedule A 1-140 didn't move at all in the last two month, they only stayed processing cases filing on March 26. the... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Vermont is not currently the fastest, Nebraska is the fastest lately. But I have not checked numbers in a few weeks. Nothing starts to count until you have actual approval for the I-140. The receipt only means that, a receipt. That is just the date that they put your file together, if you think of it in those terms.

    Once you get approval on the I-140, then a bill will be sent, and will be required to be paid, before the Packet 3(the old name for it) will be sent, with more forms to fill out. The final packet, will have the interview materials, etc.
  2. by   kingof heart
    Thank you suzanne for your reply, who ever is the fastest,i think it is better to wait patiently. we sometimes murmur, confuse & even discourage, but even our lawyers could no longer touch our papers once it was on the processed already. However, we can verify the status but only up to that stage. I always agree that our steps is really ordained by HIM. For we know that God causes all thingsto work together for good to those who love HIM. He is the author of miracles. God bless us all!
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  3. by   bebotwaiting
    How come I haven't received the approval yet since mine is May 23,2005? Instead they asked us for additional evidences, i.e. ETA FORM 9089. Does this mean an additional waiting period?
  4. by   suzanne4
    Once they get everything that they require, then it should only be a few weeks. But sometimes there can be several requests for info.
  5. by   popy05
    I feel happy in telling friends that pd date in vermont is 24 sep 05 now .:roll