Which victorian uni is good for nusing?

  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows which victorian universities are good/the best for nursing. ACU has a good reputation as does La Trobe apparently. Did anyone go to uni in victoria? If so can you tell me if it was good etc

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  3. by   froghair
    yes i did. i went to La Trobe uni in bendigo. bendigo is a great place. as an alternative La Trobe uni in wodonga is another option
  4. by   nuffy74
    I will be going to La Trobe in Bendigo this year! - 10 years after I did my Div 2 training in Bendigo.

    Melbourne Uni's course also looked good. Well, the Division 2 Conversion course did, only I didn't have the practical hours that were the prerequsite (1824 hours in the last 3 years - I have been travelling for 18 months of the last 3 years so couldn't make it up).

    Hope you find what you are looking for.
  5. by   freakyaye
    Victoria uni, la trobe and melbourne uni all offer graduate nursing, if you have a degree in any other discipline you can do a special grad nursing course which is only 2 years, leads to div 1 nursing just like the usual ba in nursing. Monash uni also offers nursing, no grad entry, but seems a solid option, as is australian catholic university. Clayton isnt in the city though. La Trobe at bundoora offer it as well (ba nursing) but thats a bit of a drive from the city centre, but i think its the best option, especially if you are considering grad nursing.